LINKHARD is reorganized to meet the changing user environment, and combined with FLYRAFT, an integrated SI solution service that provides web hosting and DDos security management. Singapore-based IT company IRONRAFT PTE. LTD. (hereafter Ironraf) announced on the 5th that it has improved its private webhard system linkhard and combined it with its integrated SI solution service flyraft. 


LinkHard is the No. 1 private cloud system in Korea with more than 500 companies and more than 1,000 individual users. Its strength is its systematic functions such as file web link sharing, stable high-capacity data transmission, and detailed controllable security and backup. IRONRAFT significantly improved this linkhard in response to the rapidly changing web user environment, and organically connected to the integrated SI solution service flyraft.


Through this, LinkHard has been reborn as a private cloud solution that responds stably without installing plugins in all types of browser and platform environments. In particular, it is characterized by introducing an open source based CI framework (CodeIgniter) and optimizing it for various mobile environments such as Android and IOS.


IRONRAFT 's integrated SI solution that provides services such as web hosting, co-location, DDoS security management, VPS, etc. Grew up.


The main customers of Flyraft are Kakao Corporation, National Police Agency, Air Force Command, Hanmi Pharm, Wemef, etc. In December last year, Indonesian company Absinthe Bajra Jaya, Malaysian company terminal Seven Haiti (Terminal 7 IT SDN. BHD.) and a service contract.


IRONRAFT PTE. LTD. is an IT venture company running software development, DDoS security solutions, corporate SI solutions, etc., headquartered in Singapore, and expanding its business areas with game development, fintech, IDC, etc. have. Korean subsidiary IRONRAFT Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Kun-woong) has entered into a joint business agreement with the Korea Photojournalism Association and runs an Internet press business, including news topics and today's press photography. For more information, please visit the IRONRAFT website (


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