• Start own private cloud
    my storage become cloud
    • Direct Control : server domain, direct data possession, record mamagement
    • Security Link Management : set up password, tracking, distribuition control
    • Security Setting : allowed op deignation per member, IP blocking
    • Log : information about writing to file, deleting diary etc
  • Buildable Cloud
    Reproduce formal resources
    • Easy installation and compatibility
    • Customized Security to Suit Your Specific Needs
    • Upload large files and folders
    • Share with employess, customers,departments and affiliates
    • It can be used anytime, anywhere.
    Free/Smart/Enterprise sub
    • Free Subscription : Use without limitation of features and users
    • Smart Subscription : Remote support twice a month, remove advertising area
    • Enterprise Subscription : Service Dedicated, Customized
    • Paid subscription : Free of charge for remote support, with 50% discount.

LINKHARD summary

Build a private cloud using the capacity and traffic of the desired device through the installed cloud link hard

Private Cloud

Private cloud is higly secure computing system than public cloud service. It can be built within the company

Any Where! Any Time!

if you connected to internet we may share regardless of the device


LINKHARD provide cutomzied service its suitalbe for the company's intranet or user's purpose

Transfer large files and folders

Large file and folder upload without installation based on html. Also it is compatible with mac or windows

No.1 Only.1

Only LINKHARD could do. LINKHARD is the number 1 one cloud service in korea, more than 700 companies choose

Ease with payments

LINKHARD is a built-in-private cloud service and it allows to provide most fitable features to ordinary devices

Unlimited Email

Uploaded data in LINKHARD can use without lmitaion of capacity and speed


LINKHARD supports a variety of services. Maximize usability through continuous version management

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More than 700 companies of organization became our partenrs. Also more than 20,000 individual users selected LINKHARD

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